Among others professor Period: 8/1 - 14/6 and 20/8 - 18/12
Only 60 Enough return on all departures
Season Period: 21/6 - 14/8
Children under 4 years old travel free with a parent or guardian
Return: 130 Enough Simple: 95 Nok
Return: 95 Nok Simple: 70 Nok
Return: 95 Nok Simple: 70 Nok
Return: 95 Nok Simple: 70 Nok


Unfortunately we can not offer booking by telephone.

We do note that we only take a certain number of bikes.

Tickets are sold on our website or on board. Because we want to reduce queues and congestion, we want you to buy tickets online.
In the period 21/6 - 14/8 when our ticket office is open Monday-Saturday 9: 30-14: 00.
Personal attendance when you buy tickets. You must also order tickets for children under 4 years online.
This is due to the limited number of passengers according to the certificate. All tickets are scanned upon boarding.

Vesleø card

Do you want generous offers from most of the cafes, shops and restaurants in Strömstad? Vesleø card offer you discounts that gives your stay in Strömstad that little extra. Perfect for you who like to visit Strömstad more than once a year.

Request information about Vesleø card when you are traveling with Vesleø II.